Brian Shawn Boucher, CLTC®

Wealth Management Advisor

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Plan Now for Your Future

Brian uses a personalized, concierge-level approach. Brian's primary goal is to help his clients become fully aware of their unique financial options and to navigate them successfully. 

Financial security planning is about identifying the things that are important to you in your life and helping you achieve them. Brian is passionate about helping his clients identify and execute their unique goals and ambitions. He realizes that everyone's financial situation is unique. Brian's distinctive comprehensive security planning process analyzes a person's financial position and lifestyle, creates strategic action plans, and then executes these plans.

Let Brian Boucher help you ensure your financial future is all you want it to be.

Retirement Planning

Northwestern Mutual’s comprehensive approach to retirement planning helps you meet three key retirement goals:*

  • Income for Life: Creating a reliable stream of income to meet living expenses in retirement.
  • Protecting Your Assets: Protecting your retirement savings so it lasts your lifetime.
  • Leaving a Legacy: Leaving money to your loved ones or charities.

A Different Approach to Retirement Planning

Northwestern Mutual takes a different approach to retirement planning. Rather than simply looking at income needs, Northwestern Mutual takes an offensive and defensive approach—that advises on how to optimize your income while managing the key risks of retirement. The result is a retirement strategy that provides you with a plan that includes both investment and insurance product solutions and factors in additional risk measures, such as longevity and long-term care, using retirement allocation strategies that have been tested with a 90% degree of confidence. Learn more about our Retirement Strategy in this comprehensive white paper.

Read more: Your Plans as You Approach Retirement | Northwestern Mutual

Brian Boucher can help you work through the questions and details to create your retirement vision and a plan that sets you on the right path.


Financial Representative Career

Brian Boucher is the District Director for the Cleveland office located  downtown.  To learn more about a career as a Financial Representative, Brian encourages you to visit our website. In addition, he recommends the following articles:


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